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Liare Lightner


Laire Lightner is one of the most prominent figures in the
affiliate marketing space. Guided by her deep-rooted faith,
she started an online business back in in 2013 when she
borrowed $99 and within six months she had earned enough
money that her husband could retire. Laire went on to build
a brand with over 500 thousand followers across her
platforms. She is a consistent seven-figure social media
business coach, breaking company records by recruiting
almost 10,000 individuals in eight years.

Lawrence Puckett


Lawrence Puckett is a venture capitalist, who has grown
businesses from startups to multi-million-dollar
organizations. He has a proven success record in sales and
marketing, and excels at scaling companies. With over
twenty years of experience and numerous business
accolades, Lawrence is a sought after executive and investor.
His extensive experience and connections in the financial,
technological, and distribution industries create a solid
foundation for Theon Global.

It would be difficult to contest that the origin of Theon Global involved divine intervention. A calling so vivid, it was impossible to deny,
bringing together two visionary entrepreneurs, aligned in their mission to elevate humanity through servant leadership.

When Laire and Lawrence joined forces, the industry took notice. The combination of financial stability and world-class,
integrity-based products, along with the magnetic appeal of Laire’s guidance created the perfect storm.

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